Sunerzha design-radiators

Sunerzha company produces stainless-steel design radiators.
Quality and reliability of these elegant and functional design-radiators are time-proved.

CASCADE BIS Modern and original proposal of design radiator. It is distinguished by dynamic composition of falling cascade tubes, like in constant motion.
ATLANT The original design in the shape of a harmonious, geometric ladder. The heater has a massive, round, tube sections imposed on the collector.
ELEGY In contrast to GALLANT series radiators, introduces S-shaped crosspieces that ensure certain slope, allowing better towel placement and thus faster and more convenient drying.
ASKET Electric towel heater – heated by an internal wire. Thanks to its construction requires a minimum space, equipped with masking rosette covering connection cable as well as a comfortable on/off switch, aesthetic and functional.
NUANCE A beautiful with simple design electric radiator that fits perfectly in any bathroom. Filled with a special liquid for heating systems.