Sunerzha design-radiators

Sunerzha company produces stainless-steel design radiators.
Quality and reliability of these elegant and functional design-radiators are time-proved.

High grade stainless steel

High grade stainless steel (AISI304), which is used in food and medical industry as well

Hypoallergenic product

Hypoallergenic product, safe for people and the environment


Pro-ecological: radiators made exclusively of stainless steel, without additions (fast, cheap and single-stage recycling)

Timeless design

Timeless design, ease of use and a perfect fit for any bathroom

Unique colouring

Unique colouring, achieved with the advanced technology of stainless steel staining

Installation in any heating system

Installation in any heating system, including hot water system. Resistant to high humidity and persistent in everyday use

The radiators

The radiators are resistant to steam and direct contact with water, they can be used near saunas, swimming pools and open shower cabins

TIG welding technology

TIG welding technology: strength and precision of tube connection, working pressure up to 25 bar

Easy assembly

Easy assembly, aesthetic stainless steel components

20-years warranty!

20-years warranty!