In contrast to GALLANT series radiators, introduces S-shaped crosspieces that ensure certain slope, allowing better towel placement and thus faster and more convenient drying.

art. 50033Heating capacity:90/70/20°С (W) 39775/65/20°С (W) 317
art. 50036Heating capacity:90/70/20°С (W) 48675/65/20°С (W) 389
art. 50039Heating capacity:90/70/20°С (W) 53375/65/20°С (W) 426

art. 50034Heating capacity:90/70/20°С (W) 46075/65/20°С (W) 368
art. 50037Heating capacity:90/70/20°С (W) 55975/65/20°С (W) 447
art. 50040Heating capacity:90/70/20°С (W) 61675/65/20°С (W) 493

art. 50041Heating capacity:90/70/20°С (W) 69975/65/20°С (W) 559